What is metallic flooring?

Here at Monarch we are always discovering new ways in which a resin floor can become a stunning feature to any room. A metallic flooring system creates a marble effect resin floor which can be installed in a variety of blends.

This new technique is a unique way of installing a durable, long-lasting resin floor which has a bespoke, luxury appearance.


Where can our metallic flooring be installed?

Metallic flooring is mainly installed in commercial and domestic environments. Other than the home, areas where metallic resin flooring is attributed to are as follows;

Pub, Bars and Clubs

Breweries, Microbreweries and Distilleries (usually which are open to the public for tours to create a feature)

Hairdressers and Barbours

Salons and Beauty Parlours

Reception Areas

Dance Floors

Leisure Facilities


Commercial Buildings

This beautiful marble effect floor can transform an area and has applications throughout the commercial sector.

Metallic flooring monarch

What are the advantages of metallic resin flooring?

The 3D look of metallic epoxy flooring gives a different effect with each coat applied. The floor itself is durable, can have anti slip qualities, is long lasting and easy to clean. You can mix and match the colours together to create any number of designs.
We have a wide range of colours which you can choose from so that the floor is unique to your personal colours and design and you can even add a rainbow glitter effect for an extra touch.
There really is no limit with these unique marble effect floors.


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