Decorative resin floor in Sheffield garage

More garages today are being changed into rooms which are used more and more. At Monarch, we install garage floors that are durable as well as being a decorative feature. A flake finish floor is an easy way to add a decorative touch to a hard floor. This makes for a more livable space within a garage. Perfect for those who have a double use for their garage. This might be as a workshop, gym or even a small home bar. As long as there is a garage door with outside access, we will be able to install resin in this garage.

Flake finishes is a system where you have a coloured base, a scattered flake and then a clear coat on top. There may also be a damp proof membrane underneath to keep moisture at bay. The flake blends are the decorative feature of this floor. They are made up of tiny pieces of P.V.C which are cut down to between two and five millimetres. These blends are commonly made from different tones of blues and greys. But there are also many different colour combinations we do. We actually have 18 standard blends to choose from which you can see on our colour chart page. One of the other benefits of the flake system is that the speckled appearance masks any scratches which may appear on the floor over time. It is also long-lasting, durable and has a great look.

Garage Flooring Sheffield

In this case, the blend which the client chose was a TITANIUM blend. This blend is made up of different tones of grey.

flake finish garage floor resin floor
decorative garage floor resin

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