Why choose Monarch for your brewery flooring needs?

Monarch Flooring Services Limited has been involved in the design and application of seamless resin flooring in the brewery industry for many years and is a member of SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers.

With our years of experience, we know how essential it is that the correct resin product is selected tailor-made to each breweries needs.

When it comes to brewery flooring we know there are specific requirements which the floor will need to ensure that certain health and safety standards are met. This is why we install floors which can measure up to these standards.

It is essential in the design of a brewery to ensure that the correct resin product is selected.

The choice of Monarthane applied in conjunction with a falling floor to a designed stainless steel drainage system will ensure a long lasting system.

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Take a look at our case study with Sentinel Brewery in Sheffield

Advantages of installing a brewery flooring system using resin

Chemically Resistant

Withstands heavy loads

Anti Slip properties in wet and dry conditions

Safe for pedestrian and wheeled traffic

Hard Wearing


Easily Cleanable

Steam cleanable at up to 120 degrees when applied at an appropriate thickness

Stainless Steel drainage

Formation of falling floors


What is the main benefit of installing a brewery flooring system with resin?

Resin flooring systems are highly recommended for brewery floors owing to its physical and chemical properties.

As beer is acidic by nature, beer and spirits will attack concrete flooring by reacting to the alkaline cement paste. This creates a surface which is more susceptible to damage and causes the floor to become unsafe.

Resin flooring systems are chemically resistant and unaffected by such spillages and well as being able to withstand organic acids which are common within the cleaning chemicals used on brewery flooring making them extremely hygienic.
Within our range of products, the choice of Monarthane applied in conjunction with a falling floor to a designed stainless steel drainage system will ensure a long lasting flooring solution to your brewery.

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Hygienic Flooring

It is important with brewery flooring that the floor meets the health and safety requirements which are necessary when dealing with certain hazardous environments.

Our polyurethane flooring systems are ideal when it comes to finding the right flooring solutions for brewery floors.

Our floors are resistant to chemicals which may be harmful to them but any organic cleaning chemicals used won’t affect the floor but will create a hygienic surface to work on.

Resin floors can be steam cleaned to 120 degrees when applied at an appropriate thickness which will kill any harmful bacteria but not affect the flooring system.

Brewery Flooring - Monarch

Non Slip Flooring

Our anti slip/ non-slip flooring solutions are ideal when It comes to installing resin floors in environments which deal with any form of liquids or dampness.

It is essential that the resin floors we supply to breweries are slip resistant in both wet and dry environments so the floors meet health and safety requirements and create a safe working environment.

Along with the floors being anti slip our crease fall and drainage solutions make it even easier to create an environment which meets health and safety standards.


Monarthane is a three-part resin rich, heavy-duty polyurethane floor screed designed to present a floor surface resistant to chemical attack and the hardest physical abrasions.

Areas subject to abrasion, heavy wading, chemical exposure and areas where a slip-resistant, seamless, sealed profile is required.

Typical Areas of Use: Food processing areas, Laboratories, Engineering workshops, Breweries / Pub cellars, Chemical areas

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You can find out more on our products page, or call our office on 01246 412 222 or email us at info@monarchresinfloors.co.uk