Factory Flooring

Factories come in many shapes and sizes and here at Monarch we understand that. Our team will come to you to find out what unique flooring system would work best for your factories environment.

It doesn’t matter whether you manufacture chemicals, are a food production factory or a large warehouse for product storage. We can help you create the best floor for you.  

We are also specialists in Anti-Slip and Anti-Static flooring, ask our technical team and find out more today

At the Monarch group of companies we have installed resin flooring solutions to a huge range of manufacturing companies across the UK. We are experienced installers of factory flooring and can tailor make a resin flooring solution to suit your companies unique needs.

We work with you and offer flexibility to when the flooring project is to be carried out. We understand company needs and make sure that your flooring solution creates as little disturbance to your factories process as possible.

Why use resin flooring ?


  • Cost effective floor repairs
  • Create pedestrian and or vehicle gangways
  • Demarcation lines
  • Provide chemical resistance
  • Anti-slip floors
  • Create slopes and falls
  • No Dust
  • Hard Wearing
  • Hygienic
  • Easily Cleanable 

Health and Safety


When choosing the right flooring system to work areas in factories you need to create an environment which is not only durable but provides a safe surface to work on. At Monarch we are highly experienced in the installation of factory floors and with this knowledge we can help your company find the correct flooring solution for you.

All manufacturing processes present different challenges when it comes to a suitable flooring system. Generally the manufacturing process involves the use of chemicals, liquids and more harmful liquids which can cause corrosion to floors and create an unsafe, slippery work environments.

It is essential that the correct flooring is installed which is tailored to each individual manufacturing processes needs. Resin flooring can provide floors which are corrosive resistant, anti slip and durable to suit the manufacturing process its tailored to.

Markings and demarcation colours can provide safe designated trafficking and pedestrian routes to improve the health and safety of any manufacturing process.

To help with the movement of liquids the resin flooring system which is installed can be made to create slopes and falls to divert any running liquid or spillage which may occur in day to day factory life.

Resin flooring has the added quality of creating no dust as opposed to concrete type floors which can be used in factories which are not as durable or safe as the resin flooring systems which we install.

Anti-Slip floors are key to the health and safety of any factory floor as dangerous spillages when working with liquids or damp environments.


Factory Flooring Products


Below is a short description of some of the products that we use and their applications within factory flooring.




Monargrip is an epoxy resin flooring system that presents excellant levels of slip resistance in the wettest of areas. Ideal installations include factory gangways, food factories, wt rooms, laundries or any areas where outstanding levels of slip resistance are required.

Monargrip is based on a blend of epoxy resins and quartz aggregates, and is available in a wide range of colour choice and slip resistance grades.

Monarcoat 720 & Monarcoat 700


Within a factory working environment one of the more important aspects to consider within a flooring solution is its health and safety applications.

Monarcoat 700 and 720 products that we use at Monarch Resin Floors are key to creating the gangway markings and line markings that add to the health and safety of factory working by creating specific areas for pedestrian and vehicle traffic, areas to keep clear, production areas etc.



Monarflow is ideal for use in the manufacturing industry and is specified for use where a hard wearing, dust-free, seamless, easy clean floor surface is required.

Monarflow has a self smoothing topping which creates a floor which is durable in environments which needs to combat effects of both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It is chemically resistant so that production areas which may use harsh chemicals if spilled would not damage the floor which would create an unsafe, uneven environment.


For a full lists of the products that we provide please see our Products Page



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