Domestic & Decorative Flooring

We install resin flooring to garages and workshops for the domestic market in a wide range of different colours and blends to suit your own personal style​

Here at Monarch you can decide how you want your floor to look. We have a range of colours and styles so you can transform your garage or workshop into a glittering place to be in. You can mix your own selection of colours together to create the pattern you desire, as well as having the option to add in some glitter for a bit of extra sparkle  

Below are just a few of our installations to highlight how a resin floor can drastically improve your garage floor

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This floor was created with a medium blue coating and a Monarflake topping which had a mix of medium blue, black, white and light blue flakes. You can choose your own unique blend of flakes to suit your own style, whether a it be warm reds, cool blues, natural browns or simple greys. We can create any blend of colours to suit you. 

This instalment is using one of our Monarcoat products which gives the floor a glossy, clean finish. Perfect for garages and workshop flooring with its simple design. 

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Flake Finishes


Our blend of epoxy resin and polyurethane resin flooring systems incorporate a range of multi-coloured p.m. flakes with a coloured resin base finish which you can use to create your own individual decorative flooring finish.

Our epoxy resin floor products are used in areas where a durable, decorative surface is required such as; showrooms, corridors, veterinary practices, toilets, canteen, or any flooring area where this decorative, durable, safe floor is required.


  • Chemically Resistant

  • Withstands Heavy Loads

  • No Dust

  • Hard Wearing

  • Hygienic

  • Easily Cleanable

  • Anti-Slip properties in wet and dry conditions

  • Safe for Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic


Suitable in many environments, take a look below at our before and after shots of how we used a mix of different Monarflake monotones to create a glittery reception entrance at our new premises.




One of our decorative flooring products, Monarflake has unique characteristics which enable the designer to create a floor of infinite colour combinations.  Any RAL/B.S. or pantone colour can be used as a base.  The flake size and colour blend can be chosen to create unlimited options.

By using different shades of black white and grey you can create you can create your own unique solution to suit any environment.

With the option of glitter you can add a stunning sparkle to really make your decorative flooring stand out.

This added glitter can really make the difference to any reception or entrance area. It creates a very professional and polished look to make your company stand out.

Monarflake is not just created from monotones it also comes in a variety of colours which can be mixed together to create a unique decorative floor to your own design.

Mix in different shades for your own unique design – add glitter for extra sparkle


Durable and hard wearing in high traffic areas



Monarquartz is a decorative resin based floor screed which presents the end user with the option to design a floor which is unique and offers the highest level of durability.
Monarquartz is an excellent, durable, aesthetically pleasing floor available in a blend of standard colours or using the option of customer colour blend – can be produced to an infinitive design.


Industrial and Commercial Kitchens, Toilets, Bar Areas, Food Production Areas, Stadia Circulation Areas, Packing Areas and Light Manufacturing



To find out more about our decorative flooring solutions or any other questions you have on resin floors, industrial flooring, epoxy resin flooring, brewery flooring, factory flooring or any other queries get in touch with us on 01246 41 22 22 and our team would be happy to help.

We have locations in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire and we install resin flooring throughout the UK.




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