Automotive Flooring

We offer a professional and experienced service. Whether you are wanting a seamless resin floor installed in your car showroom, or have a new garage that needs safety hatchings, we are the flooring company for you. Our floors can be installed as anti-slip, come in a range of colours (not just grey!) and are custom fitted to work around your floors unique structure.

Epoxy resin flooring systems are perfect in the application of automotive resin flooring needs. This includes, but is not limited to, Car showroom floors, car workshop floors, MOT Flooring and warehouse floors for storage of vehicles.

The high performance epoxy resin floor systems are designed to provide a tough, hard wearing protective floor finish and can be made to a range of colours



  • EASY TO CLEAN/HYGIENIC – Epoxy resin flooring is easy to clean and with a silk or gloss finish this flooring is an ideal product for the automotive industry.
  • HARD WEARING – Epoxy floors are hard wearing and can handle areas which are subject to pedestrian traffic and medium duty traffic such as would be seen in a showroom/workshop and car warehouse environment.
  • DURABLE – The epoxy floors act a durable surfaces which combat the effect of spillages and scuffing which may occur in environments such as car showrooms, car warehouses and car workshops which need to maintain their appearance as well as being hard wearing.
  • RESISTANCE TO DAMP SUBSTRATES – Another reason which they are best suited for automotive flooring is due to their capability when dealing with damp substrates for application, which makes them extremely suitable for any form of production or maintenance of facilities which are still in in production.

Car Workshops


Epoxy resin floors can be made as non slip to suit the needs of a particular environment.

The anti slip resin floors create an environment which is health and safety conscious. 

For car workshop floors it is a key part of health and safety requirements that the floor is slip resistant

Anti Slip Flooring


Our Monargrip epoxy resin floor system has been tailored to the automotive industry. It provides a multi layer dense anti slip floor which exhibits excellent wearing properties.

Monargrip has been widely used on Peugeot/Citroen, Volvo, Land Rover and other well known automotive brand dealerships.

Please see the data sheet on the Monargrip system or call our office for more information on this product and more.


Please see the gallery below for just an example of completed floors which Monarch have installed.




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