Epoxy Resin Flooring

Monarprime D.P.M

Monarprime D.P.M. is a two pack, solvent free epoxy-based damp proof membrane, applied as a moisture suppressant coating prior to overlaying with moisture-sensitive flooring systems.
Monarprime D.P.M. should be used in situations where the relative humidity exceeds 75% R.H. or the moisture content exceeds 5%.
Application is by squeegee and roller to give a fully sealed surface. Any blow holes in underlying concrete should be filled prior to application, as any pin-holes in the coating will negate the properties of the system. Two coats of Monarprime D.P.M. are required to ensure full coverage of floor.

Data Sheet


Appearance Coloured or Clear gloss coating


Cure Time 18 Hours @ 20ºC
Inter-Coat Time Apply on consecutive days to ensure inter-coat adhesion.


First coat 3.5m²/kg
Second coat 5m²/kg
Time Between Further Layers Time prior to overlaying with further resin/vinyl flooring is 24 hours.
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