Epoxy Resin Flooring


Monargrip is an epoxy resin flooring system that presents excellant levels of slip resistance in the wettest of areas. Ideal installations include factory gangways, food factories, wt rooms, laundries or any areas where outstanding levels of slip resistance are required. Monargrip is based on a blend of epoxy resins and quartz aggregates, and is available in a wide range of colour choice and slip resistance grades.


Monargrip + 2 (2mm² system)

Apply Monarcoat 720@4m²/kg to ensure good thickness on surface. Blind with quartz sand to full coverage with chosen quart (14-60’s mesh – depending on level of slip resistance required. Apply top coat of Monargrip @ 1.5kg/m² by squeegee and roller. Apply evenly to allow slip resistant aggregate to be exposed.

Monargrip + 4 (4mm system)

Apply Monarprime by brush and roller to fully seal floor. Apply Monarflow self-smoothing epoxy resin floor topping @2mm thickness by pin rake and trowel and whilst uncured cast in quart sand to full coverage (allow 3 kg/m²). Sweep off excess sand and apply Monargrip top coat by squeegee and roller @ 1.5 kg/m² to ensure even application.

Please consult Technical Department for advice on mesh size.


Data Sheet


Appearance Seamless gloss textured surface


Surface Seamless, gloss textured
Surface Superb level of slip-resistance


Cleaning Clean by machine scrubber only. The floor surface is not ‘mopable’ due to textured finish.
Cleaning Please consult Technical Department for suitable cleaning material


Compressive strength 80?/mm²
Tensile strength 16?/mm²
Flexural Strength 26?/mm² thick
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