Epoxy Resin Flooring


Monarflake is a decorative resin system which incorporates multi-coloured p.v.c. flakes, coloured base resin and clear resin glaze coats to produce a decorative resin floor finish.

Monarflake is used in areas where a durable, decorative surface is required such as; showrooms, corridors, veterinary practices, toilets, canteens, or any flooring area when a decorative, durable, safe floor is required.

Design a floor

The unique characteristics of Monarflake enable the designer to create a floor of infinite colour combinations. Any RAL/B.S. or pantone colour can be used as a base. The flake size and colour blend can be chosen to create unlimited options.


Monarflake is capable of withstanding forklift trucking, unlike monotone surfaces. Although the system will scratch, because of the ‘busy’ finished appearance, scratches are less noticeable.

Monarflake Sample Service: – any blend of flakes can be produced and forwarded to the client for approval.

Data Sheet


Appearance Multi-coloured fleck and flake appearance with matt, silk or gloss clear resin sealer.
Colours Unlimited colour options



Light Traffic 24 Hours @ 20°C
Heavy Traffic 48 Hours @ 20°C


Steamless Monarflake provides a continuous seamless floor
Tough Durable, hard-wearing, low maintenance flooring. Mottled appearance helps to obscure scratches, marks and stains.


To suitably prepared concrete or cement and sand substrate Mechanically, by dust-free shotblasting, scarifying or diamond grinding.
Prime ....with Monarprime epoxy resin primer.
Coat ....with Monarcoat 720 coloured (see Monarcoat 720 data sheet).
Whilst uncured ....blind surface with Monarflake chosen blend at 0.4kg/m²
Seal coats Apply additional seal coats as following options, A, B, or C below
Option A Seal with one coat of Monarglaze clear to give textured surface.
Option B Apply a second coat Monarglaze clear to lessen profile but leave a slip-resistant surface.
Option C Apply a third coat Monarglaze to give a smooth surface for ease of cleaning, but less slip-resistant.
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