1.Q. How do I know which product is most appropriate for my situation?

A Choice of product is of great importance. Correct selection will ensure appropriate application to suit client requirements

2.Q. Can I lay the floor myself?

A. Monarch offer a supply and install package. Most products available to purchase with exception of Monarthane and Monarflow which are technically difficult to apply

3.Q. How long does the floor last?

A. We would expect Monarthane life span to exceed 10 years, wheras a Monarcoat 720 will last 2-4 years depending on amount of trafficking.

4.Q. Will the floor get damaged with heavy fork lift truck use?

A. The durable floors, Monarthane/Monarflow offer good resilience to fork lift traffic, the thinner systems are more likely to be damaged, particularly by pallets not being lifted properly and dragged across floor.

5.Q. Will the line markings wear off?

A. Line markings can only be considered temporary and will require re-application on a two/three year cycle

6.Q. How long does it take for a floor in an industrial warehouse to be laid?

A. General production rates are, coatings 500 sq mtrs/man/day, screeds 100 sq mtrs per day/3 man team. Preparation time should be added to this.

7.Q. Our laboratory works with chemicals – will these damage the surface of an epoxy resin floor?

A. Chemicals can erode or stain floors depending on chemical/concentration/temperature and exposure time. Good housekeeping methods should be included to protect floor and extend life.

8.Q. What flooring solution would you recommend for a laboratory with possible chemical spillage?

A. Please consult Technical Department to ascertain appropriate suitability of product.;

9.Q. Would we have to empty the warehouse for the floor to be laid?

A. Having an open work area is preferable, but plant and equipment can be worked around.

10.Q. Are the Monarch Epoxy Flooring products laid on top of an existing floor?

A. Generally removal of existing floor finishes is ideal. In some cases floors can be overlaid, this would be advised on our free site survey.

11.Q. How long is it before we can use the factory floor again after you have finished the job?

A. A curing period is always required. The time of cure will be accelerated with increased temperatures.

12. Q. How do you make the floors anti-slip?

A. Some of our products are naturally anti-slip, such as Monardeck and Monarthane, others such as Monarcoat 720 can be made anti-slip with the addition of quartz/Alox aggregates.