Data Sheets

Monarcoat Rapid & Monarcoat Rapid Ultra

Drying Times and Coverage Rates at 20°C

Monarcoat Rapid

Coverage Rate 5kg/18-30m²
Pot Life 20-30 minutes after mixing
Recoat Time 3-4 hours or once surface has lost tackiness
Light Traffic 4-5 hours per coat
Full Traffic 8-10 hours
Full Chemical Cure 7 days

Monarcoat Rapid Ultra

Coverage Rate 5kg/18-30m²
Pot Life 20-30 minutes after mixing
Recoat Time 3-4 hours or once surface has lost tackiness
Light Traffic 2-3 hrs per unit
Full Traffic 4-5 hours
Full Chemical Cure 3 days

Monarflow PU

Drying Times and Coverage Rates at 20°C

Monarflow PU

Coverage Rate 16kg. will cover 2.8 sqm @3mm
Pot Life 15 minutes (from mixing)
Recoat Time N/A
Light Traffic 12-16 hours
Full Traffic 48 hours
Full Chemical Cure 5-7 days

Monarcoat 720


Appearance Coloured, liquid resin
Appearance light grey, mid grey, tile red, mid green, light blue, mid blue, black and beige


Steamless Continuous gloss finish for hygiene and easy cleaning.
Versatile Non-slip variations are available. Suitable for use on wall surfaces and in harsh conditions.
Tough Durable, hardwearing and low maintenance.


Coverage 4.5m²/kg thick depending on profile of substrate and porosity of surface
No. of coats minimum 2 coats
Application Temperature 10ºc + (use Monarcoat L.T.C., on temperatures between 0ºc and 10ºc)
Pot life @ 20ºc 30mins (15 mins for F.C. grade)
Tack-free time 8 hours @ 20ºc
Light trafficking 36 hours @ 20ºc (Use F.C., grade for rapid access)
Hard full Cure 48 hours
Storage + 5ºc - 30ºc
Shelf life Up to 2 years

Different Grades

monarcoat 720 Standard cure epoxy coating
monarcoat 720 f.c. Fast cure grade
monarcoat 720+ Anti slip grade
monarcoat 720v Vertical grade for walls/ceilings
monarcoat l.t.c. Low temperature cure grade for application in cold cure conditions
monarcoat f.x. Flexible grade for plant room/bund applications

Monarcoat 700


Appearance Coloured, liquid resin
Colours Light grey, mid grey, flint grey, mid green, light green, mid blue
Safety Colours White, safety yellow, safety red


Seamless Continuous gloss finish
Versatile Non-slip option available
Tough Durable, hardwearing, low maintenance flooring
Fast-Cure Enables multi-coat applications in one day
Pot-Life Long pot life for extended use time


Coverage 6-7m²/kg/coat
No. of Coats 2 coat floor treatment. Further coats may be required on light colours
Pot-Life 45 minutes @ 20°C
Re-Coat 2 Hours @ 20°C
Light Traffic 24 Hours @ 20°C


Monardeck I.L.

1st Coat Monarprime Epoxy resin primer - apply by squeegee and roller @ 30-40m²/10kg unit - blind whilst uncured with quartz aggregate 0.4mm-0.8mm @ 3kg/m²
2nd Coat Monardeck Applied by squeegee and roller @ 0.7kg/m²

Monardeck T.L.P.

1st Coat Monarprime Epoxy resin primer - apply by squeegee and roller @ 30-40m²/10kg unit
2nd Coat Monarflex Elastomeric membrane coating applied by squeegee @ 1.4-1.8kg/m²
3rd Coat Monardeck Applied by trowel/squeegee @ 2kg/m². Whilst uncured cast in quartz aggregate 0.7mm-1.2mm @ 3kg/m² until full saturation.
4th Coat Monardeck Applied by squeegee and roller @ 0.7kg/m²

System properties for T.L.P.

Elongation at break 70%
Shore ‘D’ hardness 60
Tensile Strength 7N/mm²
Compressive Strength 90N/mm²
Widthways Movement Maximum widthways movement of structure 3mm. Above this figure suitable movement joints should be employed.



Appearance Coloured, liquid resin flooring system
Colours Lightgrey, mid grey, tile red, mid green, mid blue, and beige. Monarflow can also be manufactured to any B.S. or R.A.L. colour.


Steamless Easily cleaned and hygienic
Chemical Resistant Fully sealed seamless floor
Tough Long maintenance free life


Coverage 1.8kg/M2/mm thick
Consistency Creamy consistency, thick, coloured liquid
Min Application Thickness 1mm
Max Application Thickness 5mm
Application Temperature + 8 to 35°c
Service Temperature - 20 to 55°c
Pot life in Bulk at 20°c 15 minutes
Open work time at 20°c 45 minutes
Initial Cure 12 hours at 20°c
Light Trafficking 24hrs at 20°c 48 hours
Vehicular Trafficking at 20°c 3 days
Storage Store at 5°c to 30°c
Shelf Life Up to 2 years

Monarch Cemflow


Foot Traffic 2/3 hours Light Traffic 24 hours
Heavy Traffic 2 days Coverage 25kg bag2.8m² @ 5mm
1 Day 15.00 2 Days 20.00
28 Days 40.00 Application Thickness 5-30mm
1 Day 15.00 2 Days 20.00
28 Days 40.00



Appearance Multi-coloured fleck and flake appearance with matt, silk or gloss clear resin sealer.
Colours Unlimited colour options



Light Traffic 24 Hours @ 20°C
Heavy Traffic 48 Hours @ 20°C


Steamless Monarflake provides a continuous seamless floor
Tough Durable, hard-wearing, low maintenance flooring. Mottled appearance helps to obscure scratches, marks and stains.


To suitably prepared concrete or cement and sand substrate Mechanically, by dust-free shotblasting, scarifying or diamond grinding.
Prime ....with Monarprime epoxy resin primer.
Coat ....with Monarcoat 720 coloured (see Monarcoat 720 data sheet).
Whilst uncured ....blind surface with Monarflake chosen blend at 0.4kg/m²
Seal coats Apply additional seal coats as following options, A, B, or C below
Option A Seal with one coat of Monarglaze clear to give textured surface.
Option B Apply a second coat Monarglaze clear to lessen profile but leave a slip-resistant surface.
Option C Apply a third coat Monarglaze to give a smooth surface for ease of cleaning, but less slip-resistant.



Appearance Seamless gloss textured surface


Surface Seamless, gloss textured
Surface Superb level of slip-resistance


Cleaning Clean by machine scrubber only. The floor surface is not ‘mopable’ due to textured finish.
Cleaning Please consult Technical Department for suitable cleaning material


Compressive strength 80?/mm²
Tensile strength 16?/mm²
Flexural Strength 26?/mm² thick

Monarseal 322


Colours Grey, red (other colours on request)
Pot Life 80 minutes @ 20°C 120 minutes @ 10°C

Application Temperatures

Minimum 3°C
Maximum 30°C
Coverage 0.20 - 0.25 Kg/Sq.m./coat
Volume Solids 65%

Monarprime D.P.M


Appearance Coloured or Clear gloss coating


Cure Time 18 Hours @ 20ºC
Inter-Coat Time Apply on consecutive days to ensure inter-coat adhesion.


First coat 3.5m²/kg
Second coat 5m²/kg
Time Between Further Layers Time prior to overlaying with further resin/vinyl flooring is 24 hours.



Surface Safe anti-slip floor with slip rating of R11/R12-options available to select slip-rating preferred.
Surface Hygienic surface
Surface Safe – anti-slip floor
Long - Lasting Tough – Long maintenance free life

Product Data

Appearance Decorative, anti-slip sealed screed.
Colours Nine standard colours, plus the option for client to design their own blend.
Surface Preparation See requirements for preparation data sheet.
Surface Preparation All substrates should be cured (cementitious surfaces should be maximum 5% moisture content) timber surfaces should be minimum 18mm Marine Plyboard fastened @ 100mm centres.

Method Of Use

Priming Surfaces should be sealed with Monarprime epoxy resin primer.
Base Coat Monarflow laid @ 2mm thickness and fully covered with Monarquartz aggregate.
Seal Trowel and roll apply Monarquartz Seal – a clear resin binding coating.
Top Coat Apply Monarglaze S for Silk, Monarglaze M for Matt and Monarglaze G for Gloss variations.
Coving Form Monarcove, resin skirting, to walls, as required, to form 'tanked' area. Monarquartz system can then be applied to form uniform perimeter.



Appearance Solid colour with white mottled fleck
Colours Available in wide range of colurs
Texture The finished profile of Monarthane can be altered by client request to a rougher texture, to counteract particularly slippy areas.


Compressive strength 58n/mm² Sup resistance (rapra 45 slider) Dry Wet 60. For vertical applications to form coved skirting, apply Monarcove

Curing @ 20°C

Foot traffic 10hrs
Vehicular Traffic 24hrs


Physical Properties

Coverage 18kg; 5-7m.lin @ 100mm high (depending on radius of coving trowel)
Cure Time Heavy Traffic 24 hours Full chemical cure 3 days (cure times will be extended @ temperatures less than 20°C

Monarcoat 500

Drying Times and Coverage Rates at 20°C

Working time 15 minutes
Cure time to light pedestrian traffic 16-24 hours
Inter-coat Period 16-24 hours
Full Cure 7 Days

*The above times are approximate and given as a guide only. These times can vary due to prevailing site conditions

Monarflow PU AS Antistatic

Drying Times and Coverage Rates at 20°C

Monarflow PU AS

Coverage Rate 2.8 sq m per 16kg. unit @3mm thickness
Pot Life Including aggregate 15 minutes
Recoat Time N/A
Light Traffic 12-16 hours
Full Traffic 24 hours
Full Chemical Cure 7 days
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